Space Vultures


hovered over

windswept lots

cold, bright

concrete slabs

with bulging eyes that

pierce the dim and

light alike;

they peer

to find that savored

placing amidst the

multitude, those

brethren there


taking space with six more

hovering on

each side around

the bend in

hopes of having

room to get

a taste

and rest at last in line

with the rest


Morning Breath



breathe with me just once more

in lifting gasps of wonder

from different vantage


on silver strands

of sunlight


singing through the morning air

alive at once again

my soul calls out

in heartfelt hymn

an ode to



lost in all this beauteous world

a silent saffron dancer

who paints the days

unspent in steps

and bounds through



for all of time is held right here

at hand upon our fingers

for tunes that sold

our heritage

and sing in

timeless breath