Beautiful: The Ballad of the Battle of Gettysburg



Beautiful cannot be caught

in single pain-specked pangs

flashed and gone without regard

for whispers between the bangs.


Patient perusal standing still

pays to perceive the scope

of panoramic persistence

born across this broken hope.


Caring eyes could comprehend

an ocean of emotion

tucked just beneath the cupping waves

the tides of deep devotion.


Optimistic overtones

lead on a bleak cabal

a body turned against itself

a suffered battle call.



Fighting not to save herself

but for the sake of others

those wayward souls engulfed in coals

her sisters and her brothers.


Scheming ways throughout the days

to soothe the scars beneath

the humble skin that shelters in

the gnashing of the teeth.


Praying for redemption

for purpose without fault

a means to light the darkened way

a means to become salt.


Loving past the limitations

rotten luck provides

if love is like a battlefield

herein love abides.



Surmounting now the stumbling blocks

in silent victory

that fate has thrown her rugged way

for all the world to see.


Breaking one link at a time

the chains that bind her here

a life lived full of fortitude

a life lived without fear.


Beautiful across the span

of tribulating fires

that spell a glory yet unsung

by heaven’s angel choirs.