Big News!


Big News!

Just over two years ago, while I was teaching New Testament at Campbellsville University, I was encouraged to publish one of my lessons on the four gospels and four different types of Jewish groups in the first century AD. A year and a half ago, in the middle of the last presidential campaign, I got very irritated and motivated to do just that. Two and half weeks later I had the first draft of Jesus Politics. Today, some eighteen months later, that book has been published and is available to purchase through Parson’s Porch. (Part of the proceeds of this book go to care for the homeless in Cleveland, TN.)

You can purchase your copy today here.

Why should you buy this book?

Are you frustrated with politics? Do you wonder what Jesus would think of our nation today? More importantly, do you know what He would do about it?

This book gives you a clear look at what the political arena looked like during the time of Jesus, how they got that way, and how Jesus challenged the political values of all of God’s people with his own values of grace, self-control, sacrifice, and incarnation. The book itself is about 5 pages of picture/charts showing a simple interaction of those values and then several hundred pages that examine how these values appear in some of the unique portions of each of the four gospels. Too often we skip right to the political values without learning any of the spiritual foundation beneath it. The focus of this book is on spiritual values with political implications.

Jesus Politics will give you some specific questions to ask of all our leaders, from the global and national level, down to the authority figures within your own family, and these questions will help you discern whether your leaders or your own leadership is in alignment with the values of Jesus.

A clear articulation and understanding of these values is needed even more today than two years ago when the I first began the writing process. When President Trump gives the State of the Union Address will you know what values to look and listen for in the speech? Will you know where to find God in the media’s response? Will your own response be in line with the values of Jesus?

This book was not written primarily to our own political leaders. It was written to every Christian leader in the world. While many of my examples are drawn from the United States, several come from outside our nation. The political values that Jesus exhorted were not specific to one nation or another, so I strongly encourage those outside the U.S. to read this as well to find applications within their own politics.

It is time for Christians to take responsibility for their own leadership and politics, measuring what we do and see by the standards of Jesus, rather than waiting for a secular world to tell us what and who is Christian or not.

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