The first rejection hurt the worst

    – the single sharpened stone

    flung from the hand that hailed me

    when I was yet alone.


O Incarnatio

    thy spine o’ercometh

    thy belly grows weak

    as thy spirit plummeth

    to tears that still speak

    in lamenting woe

    thou far-bidden freak

    O Incarntio


The touch that once brought healing warmth

    – has now turned rough and cool

    as infant skin made scarred is spent

    on famines of the Fool.


O Incarnatio

    thy yoke has been broken

    thy back shattered out

    as thy breath is spoken

    in one final spout

    in the face of the foe

    as your life dribbles out

    O Incarnatio


The kiss I bought from lying lips

    – beneath a traitor moon

    I paid in blood and sweat and tears

    my life for a boon.


O Incarnatio

    thy light is now fading

    thy cry shakes our lands

    as thy soul shudders shading

    our waters and sands

    from the glorious glow

    of your heavenly bands

    O Incarnatio


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