Answers to the Unasked


Bound down in blue tides

with newfound ground

to stand upon

and new fond friends

abiding with

and hiding without

reference to why

or when or whose

shame anyway

but calm and clear

sentinel of balm

who brings a distant choice

with words unearned

unearthed and otherwise

forgone in pretexts

left forgotten

for days in gardens



Blissful sugardances twist

on golden bloom’s boughs

down low beneath

the apple chasm’s leafless

fostered forest stifling

pertinent plies of light

amongst the shady arms

that cover wild flora

in barked love

and stalwart trunks

tall and forbearing

tides of night and typhons strong


Come not to this dwindling road

winding round aspen and cold winter

tights in missed glances that love

in dancing silhouettes cast

upon pale walls beyond

dim firelight quiet


Christened ‘Forthwith’ in silent assent

while one hand pushes

and the other pulls back

the hand that marches

to its own swaying tick

cast all in stock

broken only by these

sticks and talks


Rivulets run through seedbed roots

cutting steady course with original intent

to pull the blooms down

wash away dead leaves

bury slumbering stalks

in the mire of pushed-over dirt

and frustrated fruits


Strong pulls up the stalwart stem

beneath the mud-encrusted home

that holds and nurtures

sacred roots

birthing shoots

that strive for light amidst the gloom

of cold comfortable canopies

and engulfing embrace









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