the train in the microcosm – I


whistles and synthetic sighs

ring and chirp out buttery lies

of noisy fumes beside my fears

which fill my ears

and plug my eyes

abducting my sensation

bleeding out all lines of motivation

save a single chain

linked into my brain

those images in a nation

that draw me in with sound

drawn out with cringes crowned

and kicks my knees

to trip with ease

and trap with further footstep found

in given retrograde

alas poor Yoric never made

as foolish act as mine

who choked upon the line

that sought to seek but never stayed

to see the consequences

of loving through those glassy fences

masked with words and moving pictures

shocks to still our fragile fixtures

prodding providences

to inordinately thin delight

whose plastic padding holds the night

in smothering embrace

with breath withheld for heart to race

within this silent space

withall this pleasant plight

on it tracks a tempered tune

of softened steel pull too soon

from tongues that sought to lick it clean

and breathe on it a sheen

presented as a boon

to harness hollowed tendencies

whose disarray brings to my knees

a wholly desperate desire

to hold into the fire

these pale pleasantries

that sing the song of all the other

sticky wisps that seek to smother

facets shaped and shined for dreaming

life inside the gleaming

singing on of yet another



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