Black Friday


Sackcloth come and cover the sun

pushover that temporal axis

as the worst of us push through market lines

and the best of us lay in boxes

the light snuffed out

our hearts lament without a voice

our hands push on without a choice

our heads are scattered thick with doubt


Pale grey eyes and stony faces

searching for strength to endure

this night that chokes our dry stung eyes

and melts away calm demeanors

flow my tears flow

three tear stains stand bearing his blood

three more adopted by his love

three dollars to carry him home


Streams of strangers fill this space

washing us with their tears

spanning across the memories lost

in waves flowing over the years

push through this night

each one standing in a row

each with heavy hearts below

each eye of trembling tear-brushed sight


Heavy lies above us the skies

with our pillar fallen away

whose shelter we had cradled under

and under his shadow would play

the world falls through

we brace ourselves for the unknown

we cling together seeking home

we cannot silence missing you


– in loving memory of Dad