Goat Song


Stamp! Stamp! – the restless son                        Clamp! Clamp! – the tethered colt

before beliefs beset between                                luna’s low laugh lauded

a startled flock                                                            lifting palms

unending train                                                            trampling coats

ripples riddled Adam’s bane                                 crowded by a flock of goats

Tramp! Tramp! – the dying day                           Chomp! Chomp! – the bitter teeth

could coo the crowd carrying                              mincing meanings made for mercy

a heaving hand                                                            burning in

upholding hope                                                           the outer cold

dancing down a slippery slope                              for payments made in blood and gold

Bleat! Bleat! – the charming chest                        Flake! Flake! – the broken bread

drinking droughts of dreadful dross                    needed nought known by none

infusing face                                                                   flayed to feed

outpouring lies                                                             and hunger heal

to cover over sightless eyes                                   crushed beneath the tragic wheel

Trip! Trap! – the fathers gruff                                 Stomp! Stomp! – the vineyard press

ripen rivaled rustic rib                                              angered action aim appall

seeking green and                                                        spewing lies

losing truth                                                                     choking true

feeding famished toller’s tooth                               a multitude against the few

Clip! Clap! – the shaved slave                                  Chop! Chop! – the butcher’s block

sinning strongs and saving salt                               waiting with a weary world

in buried births                                                              in hungry cold

raising Cain                                                                      to feed the flame

a vengeance for a neighbor’s pain                          with a lamb who bears the name

Fleet! Feet! – swift to shed                                         Bleed! Bleed! – the paschal son

torrid tired trying trust                                              forever filial faith is found

for given much                                                               for goats in shame

they take the more                                                       this lamb was slain

no entry yet they bar the door                               to break the power of evil’s reign

Creak! Creak! – the ancient gate                             Crack! Crack! – the ancient gate

nimbly numbly naming now                                    drenched in drops of death destroyed

none called right                                                           and Love’s first light

all sent left                                                                        shines in the gloom

their purity within bereft                                           while goats reborn from barren womb

sing praises at an empty tomb



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