to Nocturne in Black and Gold (Whistler)


Never so brightly had she shone

above the Weimar, cold with eyes

left peering, fearing dark advancing

down from heav’n to earth tonight.


Alas, my lady would not budge

nor cease nor brake nor even veer

her flight to greener grass and softer

sands to toil, soil to turn.


So sad to see her go, I was

alone and left beside myself

to numbly stare above and wonder

what more could be done.


…What more could be done?


So in secret I made haste

I drew my kite-string ’round her waist

and tied it tight within a knot

with skill so sleek… she knew it not.

Thus I planned to hold her back

from freedom and dangerous attack!


Off she took without a care

headstrong and headed straight towards

the sky, and starlets in her hair

were gleaming as the night approached.


They met mid-way with such a clash

(the kite string drawn, pulled tight, and snapped)

she vanished then within a flash –

and ash came floating down.


I weakly watched without a sound

as starlets trickled to the ground

and wondered if she still would live

had I not held her back.


…had I not held her back




Firsthand seconds, paid in rain

Dripped from the top and poured down the train

Staining underneath darkened proof

That life cannot be lived aloof

But must be carried through with pain

The Mason


The morning mist rose up and over

from the banks of the yellow river,

and He who was a Mason,

brother to the Carpenter

moved under the low branch

to the Wall.

He knew not

what manner of stories

were uttered one time inside

what questions echoed; withdrew

on the other side of the wall.

The crack – traced in stone by some great hand;

spoke only a single word: ‘Eden’.

On a still life


The snow has receded since last I remember

Holding your lips to mine

Tipping you back and

Filling with your sweet taste

So bubbly and joyous


But left alone you have become sticky

Dust and mold and grime

The children of neglect

Lurk in the residue of that joy

You bring me disease


Under the flowing water

I will sponge you over

You will be just like new

Clear, shiny and clean

I will fill you up


And I will drink from you again




Born a bondsman

To an unseen Lady

My blood rings

When she calls


In the morning I open my mouth

Pour forth my services

She will be satisfied and I

Left with Peace

Silent inside


When the sky turns down

She sings her bequest

Dampness harkens yet again and it

Spins in my head

A twisted top


Skull aflame and shot-ears dulled

To the scratching of my own nails

Against the compacting walls

Dumb ears

Deaf eyes


O God I only want silence


Born a bondsman

To an unseen Lady

My blood rings

When she calls