Nickleback going Green!


Nickleback 2 Songs

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


Two – (a Riddle)


Two will cripple a man,

more than sharpest pain,

or cruelest injury.

Plague and Pestilence

cannot break the spirit

with the Elegance and Ease

by which these Two

rend man asunder.


One dances through the light,

rejoicing in a river of praise

that flows from the lips of man and woman alike.

The other skulks in the shadows,

shunned, scorned,


One fills the heart with wonder and joy.

The other turns the blood cold and numb with terror.


They take sight from the eyes and give weakness to the knees.

They make the wise numb and set passions aflame.

They are the fraternal twins of the green planet,

the Nightbird and the Morningstar,

that at once bring the dead to life

and bring life to the flame.

They share their Lovers,

keeping nothing to themselves –

To kiss one is to embrace the other.


Perhaps, in the end,

it is these Two who will rule us all,

Fate and Fortune dancing between them,

and all the grand Cosmos lost in their play.